Friday, August 30, 2013

Cycling Tips - Cycling While Pregnant

Thanks to Gord Byers we will be posting his popular weekly Cycling Tips. These newsy and informative items appear in each edition of The Oceanside Star and are always interesting to read. Feel free to add your comments about any of his "Tips"

Biking while PREGNANT!
Being a healthy expectant mother is your best goal and
cycling can be a part of your pre-natal exercise program. Talk
to your physician about the extent of your energy output.

Checking for Cyclists very important

One Simple Tip That Could Save a Cyclist's Life

Elvert Barnes/Flickr
The other day when I came out of my house in Brooklyn, an ambulance was just pulling up to the curb around the corner from me. A crowd of people had gathered on the sidewalk, and the story quickly started to come out: a young man on a bicycle had been knocked down when the driver of a delivery van opened his door into the cyclist’s path.

Bike converts to Stroller in less than a minute

Vagabond flips from bicycle to stroller in under a minute

August 29, 2013
The Vagabond converts from a bicycle to a stroller in under a minute
The Vagabond converts from a bicycle to a stroller in under a minute
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

British Columbians Concerned About School Zone Road Safety

BCAA School Zone Safety Survey reveals common driving mistakes in school zones and how drivers can contribute to better safety
  • 72 per cent in B.C. believe that road safety in school zones is worse around "back to school" times.
  • 80 per cent in B.C. think motorists are aware of the rules of the road when it comes to school zones, but often break them.
  • 78 per cent in B.C. have seen a driver speeding in a school zone; 18 per cent have seen a 'near miss' in a school zone.
(Burnaby, B.C.): As children across the province prepare to go back to school, the British Columbia Automobile Association’s (BCAA) School Zone Safety Survey reveals that almost half of British Columbians (45 per cent) believe that school zone safety is getting worse in the province—a number

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Newly Paved Trail in Qualicum Beach

Update: Sept 4

Luke Sales with the Town of Qualicum Beach sent an update on the Bollards.

Hi Jim,

We've ordered the bollards, and will install them as soon as they arrive. Sometime in the next few weeks I would imagine. Cheers,



Yesterday I cycled on a newly-paved trail near Qualicum Beach Middle School. The new section of trail runs from where Laburnum Road crosses the E & N Railway Tracks to where Hoylake Road meets Canyon Crescent Road. Previously this section of the trail was a chip trail which made it difficult to use for anyone who did not have a wide-tired bike (i.e. a mountain bike). During rainy season it was quite a soggy mess to navigate.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Cycle Magazine

Here is the latest edition of We Cycle - published in the Lower Mainland. It is mainly geared to the Cycle commuter.

Click here for the link to the We Cycle website

Driving To Work Is Why You're Fat

Taking the car to work may be convenient, but it might not be good for you. A new study of about 20,000 commuters in the U.K. finds that people who walk or cycle to work are less likely to suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other problems compared to those who drive.

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Riding Into the Future: Re-Inventing the Bicycle

Take a look at this fascinating article on some of the newest technology in the cycling world.

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