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PQB Links Way Marking Celebration a Great Success
Close to 100 cyclists, walkers and mobility scooter users took part in the festivities on April 20. More than 40 cyclists joined Mayor Westbroek on the 9 km section of the route from Qualicum Beach. Well over 30 cyclists rode the 4 km Parksville section with Mayor Burger. Everyone then met in the parking lot behind Oceanside Place at Wembley Mall to celebrate the opening of the Way Marking Signs. Everyone joined Jessica Kelly in the singing of “Oh Canada” and then various dignitaries spoke about the benefits of the Way Marking Signage. The dignitaries included Richard Campbell – President of the BC Cycling Cycling Coalition and Arne Elias the Interim Head of Canada Bikes – the newly-formed national cycling organization.
The local media did a great job of covering the event:
We are working on a slideshow of the event and we are wondering if anyone has photos from the event that they are willing to contribute? Please send them to my e-mail address – j.e.swanson@shaw.ca

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PQB Links Map - Final Copy.pdf
PQB Links Map - Final Copy.pdf
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Click on the File to see a slideshow of the PQB Links Trail
The P-QB Links Trail- final copy.pdf
The P-QB Links Trail- final copy.pdf
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Cycling on Multi-use Paths
Except for street crossings, paths are safe from car/bicycle collisions, and you don't have to endure the noise and pollution. However, other users, such as joggers, skaters, children, pets and pedestrians in general, often act unpredictably and a cyclist maintaining a high speed can be a danger on such a path. Therefore, cyclists who want to travel quickly might opt to use roadways rather than heavily used paths.

Remember that you are sharing the path with others. Reduce your speed when appropriate and when passing other path users, ring your bell or call out loudly (e.g. 'passing on your left') to alert them.

from Bike Sense, The British Columbia Bicycle Operators's Manual

Remember to:

Yield To Pedestrians

Reduce Speed

Pass On The Left

Keep To The Right

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