Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bicycle Parking at community events

Last summer as I was entering the Filberg Festival in Comox, I saw the Bicycle Lockup area run by the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition. It was well used with lots of bikes inside the Lockup. I believe the Coalition asked for a donation and also people could purchase raffle tickets for a quilt they were raffling off plus pick up info on the Coalition. It works like a Coat Check area at a hotel or dance and the area is surrounded by some type of portable secure fencing - i.e. the plastic rollable fencing around construction sites. I believe the Coalition runs the Bike Lockup at most major community events in the Comox Valley. Also, in looking at other Coalitions' websites, they do the same thing. What a great way to allow people to safely park their bikes at an event and to also raise awareness in the community of the Cycling Coalition. In looking at the list of community events locally in our area, this would be an easy way to make people aware of this group's existence.

Any feedback???


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Victoria Bridge Online Petition

The following is contributed by Ian Gartshore - who runs a Blog called Energy Solutions For 4 People - He coordinated a Sustainable Transportation Symposium in Nanaimo in the Fall.

As transportation accounts for most of the greenhouse gases, adds a great deal to our personal expense, and that every industrialised country in the world, except Canada, is adding to its rail infrastructure, I'd encourage us all to sign the petition to strengthen our Island rail, especially the vital bridge taking trains to the Victoria train station.

Friends, tomorrow the Victoria City Council makes a FINAL DECISION about whether the rail will remain on the Johnson Street bridge. A "No" decision will impact the whole of the island now and far into the future. Please consider signing this petition. It will be sent to BC's Minister of Transportation, MLAs, Mayors, and Victoria Councillors. This morning on CBC radio, I heard the Mayor of Victoria report that the Minister of Transportation Bond has not even responded to the City Councillors request to talk to them about the rail's future on the bridge. Vancouver Island needs a cohesive transportation system to connect our island community and our participation is vital.

Here is the link to the petition:

I would also encourage you to go to the non-profit Island Corridor Foundation's website (this Foundation owns the railway) and take further action to help Vancouver Island join the 21st century and become more transporation sustainable.


Calgary Bike Apalooza

Check out the link about this event in Calgary:

Parksville OCP and Survey ideas


Yesterday evening Gord Byers, Jim Dimmick, John Fair and myself attended a special "groups" meeting for the Parksville OCP Review. Groups invited included: Restaurants,
Outdoor Rec and Cycling, Horses, Health and Wellness, Dogs, Fine and Performing Arts plus a group representing Beach activities. In our groups we were asked to identify things like what activities and facilities in our area of interest we would like to see in the Parksville area. Each group was able to share their discussion items with the whole group. It was very interesting to hear that the need for cycling and multi-use trails was mentioned by pretty well every group. All of the contributions from the meeting will be posted on the OCP Review section of the City of Parksville website.

Thinking of what happened at the meeting, it would probably be very timely to post a survey on our website that would ask for responses on cycling-related questions. The survey results could be used for presentations to groups like local City and Town Councils, the Chambers of Commerce and the School Board. I have looked at a few of the "free" online survey websites and most of them place a limit of 10 questions and a cap of 100 respondents.

If you can think of some good questions about cycling in the area, please send them to me. I will try my best to included them in the survey.

Jim -