Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Maps on Website

Thanks to Joan Michel with the RDN Parks and Trails Dept., there are new maps that have been posted on the website. They can be found in the Local Links section. There are maps for: 1. Englishman River Regional Park, 2. Lighthouse Country Loop Trail, 3. Nanaimo River Regional Park, 4. Trans-Canada Regional Trail and 5. Top Bridge Regional Park. In addition, there is a map of the Trail System for the Town of Qualicum Beach. All of the maps are downloadable in PDF Format.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cargo Trikes on Vancouver Bike Lanes

Cargo trikes gear up for Vancouver bike lanes
CBC News
Posted: Mar 22, 2011 9:03 AM PT

The SHIFT Delivery Co-op will use a heavy-duty tricycle with an electric assist motor designed in England and modified for use in Vancouver's separated bike lanes. The SHIFT Delivery Co-op will use a heavy-duty tricycle with an electric assist motor designed in England and modified for use in Vancouver's separated bike lanes. (SHIFT )

A group of Simon Fraser University students has found a new use for Vancouver's controversial bike lanes: a delivery service using electric-assisted cargo trikes.

Graham Anderson, a student of sustainable development at SFU and one of the founders of SHIFT Delivery Co-op says the service will use a heavy-duty tricycle with an electric-assist motor designed in England and modified for use in Vancouver's separated bike lanes.

"We're looking to carry about 600 pounds of goods in these heavy-duty trikes — things like beverages, coffee, office supplies," says Anderson. "Six hundred — that's about the weight of an adult grizzly bear."

Anderson says the co-op already has a healthy roster of local merchants as potential clients. It's now waiting to get incorporated and a business license with the city in time for its May launch.

"We've been really encouraged that businesses have been open to that solution," he said. "That was really exciting to us, to push the limits of cycling and what cycle-based transportation can do in the city."

The city's engineering department says since the trikes are less than 1.2 meters in width they will be treated as bicycles and thus free to use the city's bike lanes.

City Councillor Andrea Reimer says it's an exciting business development for the bike lanes.

"The city can enable citizens and businesses on green initiatives, but it really takes those residents and those businesses and those non-profit organizations to kind of step up and make use of the infrastructure and it's very heartening to see someone really invest at a very practical level in this," said Reimer.

In recent years Vancouver has installed two new bike lanes through the downtown core and across a connecting bridge and overpass, as a part of a long-term plan to link more sections of the city with safer bike routes and encourage more people to cycle.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rail trail soon in Courtenay

By Lindsay Chung - Comox Valley Record
Published: February 15, 2011 3:00 PM

This fall, Comox Valley residents will be able to cycle and walk from Fifth Street to Cumberland Road along the railroad tracks.

The City of Courtenay, the Island Corridor Foundation and the Courtenay Rotary Club are partnering to build a new cycling and pedestrian trail between Fifth Street and Cumberland Road next to the railroad tracks along the east side of the E&N Corridor.

The Rail With Trail project was announced Monday when members of the Courtenay Rotary Club, dressed in period costumes, spoke to Courtenay council about the project. Councillors approved the project’s vision and agreed that the city will work with the Rotarians.

The section between Fifth Street and Cumberland Road will be the first phase of the project, and it will be built between April and September.

The second phase from Cumberland Road to 17th Street will be established pending community assistance, other partnerships and funding.

The Courtenay Rotary Club has made the Rail With Trail its major fundraising initiative for 2011, and the club’s online auction throughout the month of March and live auction April 16 will raise money for the project.

“We’re going to get the whole community involved if we can to supply, install, do the landscaping and beautify a fairly rough-looking area at the present time,” said Art Meyers, “conductor” of the Rotary delegation. “Our long-term vision is to help the city and hopefully move the trail to 17th and eventually all the way down to 29th Street.

“Just imagine the trail itself going all the way to Victoria because they’ve started at the other end with the Galloping Goose Trail. Rotary’s going to be raising the dollars, and the work will be done by our club, and we’re working hard with the community to raise the funds as we speak.”

Plans for the project include a three-metre-wide hard surface trail, as well as beautification components such as treeplanting, seating areas, improved signage and other landscaping.

Coun. Manno Theos thought the project was exciting.

“You have to be thankful to the variety of partners who would be involved in this project,” he said. “One of the main key reasons of why this project would be so important to the community is that it’s enhancing a community asset and it’s creating a cleaner, safer and more people-friendly area along the corridor there, and I think that will bode well for future activities in that area to again become a tourist attraction.”

Coun. Ronna-Rae Leonard noted that the Rail With Trail concept first came forward at first through the cycling community, which is another area of partnership.

“It’s one of those opportunities we have to work in partnership and promote all good things,” she said.

Courtenay Rotary's online auction will help rail trail become reality

Published: March 03, 2011 5:00 PM
Updated: March 03, 2011 5:30 PM

The Courtenay Rotary Club went to the public in October 2010 for input on project ideas for 2011 and was overwhelmed with suggestions.
“We received over 250 responses with over 50 per cent of them suggesting more trails within the city or along the shoreline. This gave us a clear indication on which direction to go,” says Courtenay Rotary Club president Robert Buckley.
One suggestion was a trail and beautification project along the train tracks.
Courtenay Rotarian Art Meyers, who is the chair of Rotary’s auction committee, contacted Graham Bruce of the Island Corridor Foundation to discuss the possibility of this project becoming the northern terminus of the Island-long trail corridor along the E&N Rail tracks.
A meeting was setup with an invite to the City of Courtenay. All parties agreed this would be a great project and the City of Courtenay came on board.
“We are pleased to have the City of Courtenay get involved with us on this project. Rotary’s commitment is a walking and cycling trail from Fifth Street to the train station at Cumberland Road," explains Meyers. "The City of Courtenay envisions this project continuing to 29th Street over the coming years.
"The trail and beautification efforts will vastly improve visitors' impressions coming in on the train and give local residents a new community trail system to enjoy.”
The Courtenay Rotary Club is holding its annual online auction March 1 to 31 to support Trail Along The Rails. Everyone is invited to bid online on over 400 select items, services and gift certificates.
“This is a great opportunity to not only enjoy bidding online for great local products and services but also to help us build this trail system and beautify the neighbourhood it passes through,“ adds Buckley.”

Comox Valley Cycling Map

Comox Valley Bicycle Map and the Broken Spoke Cycling Shop

We are having a launch of the first Comox Valley Bicycle map at The Broken Spoke on Tuesday the 15th March from 5:00 - 7:00
(The Broken Spoke is located in downtown Courtenay at 420 Fitzgerald Ave)
The map has been 8 months in the making and is a joint venture between The Broken Spoke and the Mapping Centre, a registered charity dedicated to the preservation of our Estuary. Come on down to view/buy a copy and celebrate another milestone on the way to our Valley becoming a desirable biking community

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nanaimo Cycling Plans - Presentation

There is a presentation on future Nanaimo cycling infrastructure additions.

Sponsored by the Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition

Tuesday, March 29, 7:00 pm, at the Bowen Park Complex.

City of Nanaimo transportation engineer Gordon Foy will be speaking about some cycling infrastructure projects in the works. For more info go to www.thegncc.org/