Friday, October 29, 2010

Trails on Maps

I was just in Mulberry Bush Book Store and I came across one of the Green Davenport Tourist maps on the Nanaimo and Parksville/Qualicum Beach area.  I bought one on Victoria Cycling Routes when we were recently in Victoria before we cycled the Lochside Trail. These maps are quite comprehensive and up-to-date. In looking at the local map about cycling routes/trails, it showed the Parksville to Qualicum Beach Trail - ending at the Parksville end on Pym. It also showed all of the recommended bike routes in Parksville - these are the original ones created back in the 1990's. Interestingly it also showed the Plummer Road Trail - the narrow little walking trail between San Pareil and the Orange Bridge. I would hate to see a tourist referring to this map to find trails and recommended bike routes. I find it interesting that these are the same routes that we recommended in our "Wish List".


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minutes of October 21 Meeting

Oceanside Cycling Coalition Planning Meeting

Date: October 21, 2010               Place: Lefty’s – Qualicum Beach

In Attendance: John Fair, Len Gibson, Bruce Perry, Stan Brown, Hilda Emery, Val Dyer, Wayne Brown, Steen Laursen, Barry Galenzoski, Jim Swanson

1. Reason for holding meeting - Jim

-         Need for coordinated input from cyclists on local initiatives affecting cycling
-         Many people locally are cyclists but no one group speaks for them
-         Meeting on Nov 15 with Joan Michel from RDN, Fred Pakkala from City of Parksville and Luke Sales from Town of Qualicum Beach to discuss cycling initiatives, concerns in local area
-         Parksville OCP about to begin – need for input from cyclists


3.Idea Sharing on concerns

The group came up with 4 local initiatives that they would like to see addressed at the meeting on Nov. 15:

3.1. Completing the Trail from Qualicum Beach to Parksville
-         major areas of concern are: 1. Behind Wembley Mall and 2.Lee Road
o       Parts of the Trail have little if any paved shoulder – i.e. behind Wembley Mall
o       Parts of the Trail have a very rough shoulder and are very dangerous to ride on – i.e. Lee Road
-         proper signage and markings on the route to identify the Trail
3.2. Plummer Road
-         Constructing a Multi-Use Trail from San Pareil to Parksville. 
-         Provision should be made for a bridge similar to the Barclay Crescent Bridge across the Englishman just below the Big Tent Campground
3.3. French Creek Bridge on Highway 19A
-         Install walkways on the bridge that are wide enough to allow 2 bicycles to safely pass each other
3.4. Maintenance of Shoulders on Highway 19A from Qualicum Beach to Deep Bay to allow for safe cycling
-         In some areas the shoulders are very narrow and poorly maintained. 

4.Forming a local Cycling Coalition – John Fair

John, who was until recently involved with the BC Cycling Coalition, talked about the benefits of joining the BC Cycling Coalition including lobbying politicians, working with other cycling coalitions, support for local projects. Those attending today’s meeting felt that we should proceed with forming a cycling coalition and to work closely with the BC Cycling Coalition. 

5.As many as possible of this group will try to attend the meeting on Nov. 15th.

6. E-Mail and Website – Jim Swanson

Jim will send out the minutes of this meeting via e-mail and will also work on creating a Website and Blog for the group.